Saturday, January 28, 2012



 It looks like the new Hollywood trend is for the media to keep track of how long it takes for a celebrity to loose weight after she’s had a baby! How stupid is that!
So not only does she have to maintain a certain weight on a daily basis she now has to break her neck to drop the baby weight as soon as possible because the media thinks being fat and being pregnant are the same !

It doesn't matter if she's 20 years old or 40. Whether her labor was 48 hours or she had a C section. It's doesn't even matter if she's going through a risky pregnancy or an easy one! If she's an actress, model, or a singer the requirements are still the same. The quicker you drop the weight the more positive press you'll get.

Now, unfortunately, the celebrity also has to put on a bikini soon after giving birth so the media can breathe a sigh of relief!

She then has to pretend all she did was exercise a little bit, eat healthy, and the weight just dropped off at a rapid pace! Wow, what a miracle! No liposuction involved? No 30 day liquid diet? Amazing!
They must think we're either dumb or very native.

If you know any pregnant celebrities don’t bring baby clothes to the baby shower. Get them a case of protein drinks and the name of a good plastic surgeon!

Monday, January 16, 2012



Today was the day we celebrated the life and works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. However, like other holidays the focus is shifting away from the main theme.

Today I had a choice to relax and meditate on what Martin Luther King Jr. means to me or I could have gone to a furniture store to get 20% off on a dining room set because today is a "special sale day."  A few years ago sales like this were unheard of.

Is it disrespectful to buy something on at the "MLK Clearance Sale”? I think so. It's tacky and straight up ghetto! To use his legacy to sell a washer and dryer is ridiculous!

I'm surprised all of these "so called" Black organizations are quiet as a mouse on this subject. It's as if they have folded like a cheap suit!!

 Most of these businesses should have been closed today anyway ! Especially the large companies that can afford it.  

I hope you didn't go to any "MLK" sales today. I hope you paid full price. You may have loss money but not your dignity!

What's next, a Gandhi lingerie sale!!! Buy a bra and get a thong for free !

 Don’t be surprised…….


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Depending on what polls you care to believe Obama’s approval rating is still extremely low. Even loyal Democrats are starting to unravel. Tonight, Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primary election but the Republicans still can’t offer viable solutions for the economic downturn. The American public constantly voices their dissatisfaction to their local and state politicians but to no avail.

The political shows have done nothing but talk about the issue and the unemployed have blamed Obama for their situation as if he has the ability to personally hand deliver their resumes to the top CEO’s in the country, wave his magic wand and presto! He gives them a job with full benefits included! Maybe I’m being just a little sarcastic……

A great deal of people want to throw Obama under the bus and have Hillary Clinton be the bus driver! Would she have made a better president or is everyone just speaking out of frustration, exasperation, and fear of the unknown?

We’re so use to the media putting a good spin on tough economic times. They tell us things will turn around and not to worry, it will blow over in a few months. That always makes us feel better long enough for us to enjoy the New Year. This time things seem different.

If Hillary were president would the economy be the same,worse, or better? Would we all have decent health care, high paying jobs, and a house with a two car garage?

Like our politicians I don’t know the answer to that question but there is an old saying; sometimes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Or is it........