Tuesday, May 12, 2015



Looking for a car is almost like internet dating. Things can look good online but in person things can look totally different ! 

For those of you who are thinking about selling your vehicle please avoid these simple mistakes:
  •  Don't take pictures of your car next to a street pole that's full of graffiti ! It makes a person wonder about the neighborhood. Why would I want to go see that car? It ain't that serious !
  •  Don't say your car is in "excellent" condition but I have to help you put the "torn" convertible top back up !
  •  Don't post just one picture of your car. 
  •  Don't take a picture of your car from an upstairs balcony. It makes a person wonder if the car is really yours......
  •   Don't post a long paragraph about how good your car is and then the last sentence reads : " car needs new transmission " or "needs a new head gasket". 
  •  Don't love your car to the point where you price it too high. Your car is not a Bentley ! You feel your car has sentimental value but I don't ! I just need a car  to get from point A to Point B !
  • Don't put an expensive sound system or rims on an inexpensive car and then up the price of the car to try to recoup your money ! I'm not paying a lot of money for a  car just because you put 16 inch. rims on it !
  • If you have cats please take time to vacuum the car ! Who wants to test drive a car full of cat hair ! Yuck !!

   I went to look at a car that was in "excellent" condition and the back window was so crystal clear. You know why ? Because the entire window was missing ! What a joke ! If I did buy the car how the heck could I drive it home legally? Just my luck I would get pulled over !


  Another car that was in "excellent" condition. It had three tires and one spare. I guess when you purchase the car you then have to go straight to a tire shop and purchase a 4th tire ? When I buy a car I want to drive it straight home. I don't want to stop off at a tire shop ! 

Just be honest regarding your car posting. That way the car seeker is happy and you could possibly walk away with some major cash in your pocket. It's a win / win situation ! A match made in heaven !