Saturday, January 28, 2012



 It looks like the new Hollywood trend is for the media to keep track of how long it takes for a celebrity to loose weight after she’s had a baby! How stupid is that!
So not only does she have to maintain a certain weight on a daily basis she now has to break her neck to drop the baby weight as soon as possible because the media thinks being fat and being pregnant are the same !

It doesn't matter if she's 20 years old or 40. Whether her labor was 48 hours or she had a C section. It's doesn't even matter if she's going through a risky pregnancy or an easy one! If she's an actress, model, or a singer the requirements are still the same. The quicker you drop the weight the more positive press you'll get.

Now, unfortunately, the celebrity also has to put on a bikini soon after giving birth so the media can breathe a sigh of relief!

She then has to pretend all she did was exercise a little bit, eat healthy, and the weight just dropped off at a rapid pace! Wow, what a miracle! No liposuction involved? No 30 day liquid diet? Amazing!
They must think we're either dumb or very native.

If you know any pregnant celebrities don’t bring baby clothes to the baby shower. Get them a case of protein drinks and the name of a good plastic surgeon!

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