Sunday, August 2, 2015


Ring Pops and Push Pops: Oh my gosh look at all my rings. I’ll trade ...Red Hots Candy - 12ct
 of lemonheads candy died at age 93 among his survivors are his son ...Charms Blow Pops  Over the years the liquor store has become a one stop shop for everything from beer to gum to t shirts (yes t shirts) but when I was growing up it was a place where you could get tons of cheap candy that you couldn't find in grocery stores. 

The weird thing about it is that no matter what Church I ever went to there was always a liquor store close by ! After Sunday School there would be about a 15 minute break before Church services started up again so me and other Church kids would head to the liquor store and load up our cute little patent leather purses with everything from candy cigarettes to Lemon Heads.

You guys know what I'm talking about : Now & Laters,  Jolly Rancher Candy Stix, Chick-O-Stick, Boston Baked Beans, etc. Try eating an Atomic Fire Ball in the middle of Church services. Ouch !

 When I became an adult and was able to buy alcohol, the ironic thing is that I still would go to the liquor store to buy candy and not alcohol ! It's always been about the candy !
All this candy is now available online but it's nothing like the good old days when I would go to the liquor store, by pass that big jar of pig's feet & sour pickles and go straight to the ring pops ! Those were the days !
There are tons of things you can get in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Bel Air or Malibu but try finding a Chick-O-Stick ! What if you have a craving for a Abba-Zaba ? You may have to make your way go to the liquor store to find it. 



Tuesday, May 12, 2015



Looking for a car is almost like internet dating. Things can look good online but in person things can look totally different ! 

For those of you who are thinking about selling your vehicle please avoid these simple mistakes:
  •  Don't take pictures of your car next to a street pole that's full of graffiti ! It makes a person wonder about the neighborhood. Why would I want to go see that car? It ain't that serious !
  •  Don't say your car is in "excellent" condition but I have to help you put the "torn" convertible top back up !
  •  Don't post just one picture of your car. 
  •  Don't take a picture of your car from an upstairs balcony. It makes a person wonder if the car is really yours......
  •   Don't post a long paragraph about how good your car is and then the last sentence reads : " car needs new transmission " or "needs a new head gasket". 
  •  Don't love your car to the point where you price it too high. Your car is not a Bentley ! You feel your car has sentimental value but I don't ! I just need a car  to get from point A to Point B !
  • Don't put an expensive sound system or rims on an inexpensive car and then up the price of the car to try to recoup your money ! I'm not paying a lot of money for a  car just because you put 16 inch. rims on it !
  • If you have cats please take time to vacuum the car ! Who wants to test drive a car full of cat hair ! Yuck !!

   I went to look at a car that was in "excellent" condition and the back window was so crystal clear. You know why ? Because the entire window was missing ! What a joke ! If I did buy the car how the heck could I drive it home legally? Just my luck I would get pulled over !


  Another car that was in "excellent" condition. It had three tires and one spare. I guess when you purchase the car you then have to go straight to a tire shop and purchase a 4th tire ? When I buy a car I want to drive it straight home. I don't want to stop off at a tire shop ! 

Just be honest regarding your car posting. That way the car seeker is happy and you could possibly walk away with some major cash in your pocket. It's a win / win situation ! A match made in heaven ! 


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015


1970's plane

A lot of things have changed over the last 30-40 years and flying is no exception. To me, flying in the 1970's-1980's was not only a luxury but it was the height of comfort ! Here are some examples:

1. The Seats: When I was a kid the seats were huge ! I remember curling up in those big seats with a pillow and a blanket and going to sleep.

2. The luggage: Got tons of luggage ? No problem ! Back then there wasn't a limit or a charge on luggage so if you wanted to bring back tons of souvenirs  you could do so without a hassle and no luggage weigh in !

3. Plenty of headroom and leg room: Are you tall ? Back in the day you would have plenty of room to stretch your legs and your head. You didn't have to sit next to the emergency door in order to stretch out !

4. Smoking Section : Are you a smoker and can't wait hours for your next cigarette ? You should have been around in 1975 ! Planes had smoking and non smoking sections so you could puff  to your heart's content !

5. Bye Grandma ! : Back then you could actually watch planes take off and land. You could also say goodbye to your grandma, friends, and relatives minutes or hours before they boarded their plane & you could watch their plane take off and land. 

6. Terrorist ? What terrorist ! : Hijacking was the major threat back then and the odds of your plane getting hijacked was slim to none. So you were able to keep your shoes on and just go through a simple metal detector. 

7. Food :  When I recently went on a plane, the flight attendant was passing around a brown box full of crackers and cookies and you just helped yourself. Back in the day that was unacceptable ! lol

 8. Flight Attendants were super popular: They were the face of an airline. They were featured in commercials, newspapers, & magazines. Back then they were called Stewardesses and they were required to be a certain height, weight, & you couldn't be over a certain age. And of course you had to be hot ! They were super models in the air ! I'm assuming men were in charge of the hiring.....


*Bad Thing : Don't loose your ticket ! Back in the day you were given a paper ticket. It was either mailed to you or you had to go to the airport to pick it up.  Since the internet wasn't used if you loss your ticket good luck trying to get on the plane ! My Mom would guard our plane tickets with her life ! lol

I'm sure they were tons of other things that were bad besides losing your plane ticket but as a kid all I remember is comfort  relaxation, and good memories !


Friday, February 27, 2015



The 1970's was an interesting decade for cartoons. It marked the beginning of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids and  marked the debut of the character Valerie Brown  from Josie and the Pussycats. The Valerie character was the first African-American female character on a regular Saturday morning cartoon series. The Hardy Boys drummer Pete Jones had been the first African-American male to appear on Saturday mornings a year earlier, in 1969.

Josie and the Pussycats was a cartoon about a pop music group. While they were doing their tours they always found themselves in the middle of some type of strange mystery. Kind of like Scooby Doo which was also produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions.
  Patrice Yvonne HollowayPatrice Yvonne Holloway

The cartoon ran from 1970 to 1972. Valerie's singing voice was provided by Patrice Holloway, sister of singer Brenda Holloway, and her speaking voice was done by Barbara Pariot shown in the picture below. Reruns of the cartoon started in 1975 and continued through the 1980's and the 1990's. Now the cartoon can be found on DVD so Valerie will be immortal ! There's a lot of things we now take for granted but watching Valerie as a small kid was a very unique experience !


Monday, February 16, 2015



I was surfing the internet this morning and stumbled across a photo from the 18th century that showed a white woman with a big giant Afro !  I did a little investigating and here's what I found out.

The Circassians are an ethnic group from the North Caucasus, an area in southwest Russia between the Black and Caspian seas. 

In the 18th century Russians drove the Circassians from their homeland and deported them to the Ottoman Empire. At least 600,000 people lost their lives to massacre, starvation, and the elements while hundreds of thousands more were forced to leave their homeland. By 1864, three-fourths of the population was annihilated, and the Circassians had become one of the first stateless peoples in modern history.  
Russia has denied all claims of a genocide and last year there were protests regarding the Sochi Olympics because the event fell on the 150th anniversary of the genocide.

Historians say all these people did was comb out their hair. Really ? So that's how they got hair like Frederick Douglas ?

After centuries of race & ethnic mixing, genocide,etc. most of the Afros are gone. However, their  traditional hat is called " The Georgian Chokha" which  looks like a big curly Afro !

So the next time you see a White person with an Afro they may not be copying you. You may be copying them.......