Monday, March 16, 2015


1970's plane

A lot of things have changed over the last 30-40 years and flying is no exception. To me, flying in the 1970's-1980's was not only a luxury but it was the height of comfort ! Here are some examples:

1. The Seats: When I was a kid the seats were huge ! I remember curling up in those big seats with a pillow and a blanket and going to sleep.

2. The luggage: Got tons of luggage ? No problem ! Back then there wasn't a limit or a charge on luggage so if you wanted to bring back tons of souvenirs  you could do so without a hassle and no luggage weigh in !

3. Plenty of headroom and leg room: Are you tall ? Back in the day you would have plenty of room to stretch your legs and your head. You didn't have to sit next to the emergency door in order to stretch out !

4. Smoking Section : Are you a smoker and can't wait hours for your next cigarette ? You should have been around in 1975 ! Planes had smoking and non smoking sections so you could puff  to your heart's content !

5. Bye Grandma ! : Back then you could actually watch planes take off and land. You could also say goodbye to your grandma, friends, and relatives minutes or hours before they boarded their plane & you could watch their plane take off and land. 

6. Terrorist ? What terrorist ! : Hijacking was the major threat back then and the odds of your plane getting hijacked was slim to none. So you were able to keep your shoes on and just go through a simple metal detector. 

7. Food :  When I recently went on a plane, the flight attendant was passing around a brown box full of crackers and cookies and you just helped yourself. Back in the day that was unacceptable ! lol

 8. Flight Attendants were super popular: They were the face of an airline. They were featured in commercials, newspapers, & magazines. Back then they were called Stewardesses and they were required to be a certain height, weight, & you couldn't be over a certain age. And of course you had to be hot ! They were super models in the air ! I'm assuming men were in charge of the hiring.....


*Bad Thing : Don't loose your ticket ! Back in the day you were given a paper ticket. It was either mailed to you or you had to go to the airport to pick it up.  Since the internet wasn't used if you loss your ticket good luck trying to get on the plane ! My Mom would guard our plane tickets with her life ! lol

I'm sure they were tons of other things that were bad besides losing your plane ticket but as a kid all I remember is comfort  relaxation, and good memories !


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