Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Male Weight Loss Guy on ScaleThis is something I have never heard of but there have been some inmates on death row who say if they are executed it would be cruel and usual punishment.

A man in Ohio, who's scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection in January said if he's executed it, would be a "torturous and lingering death". He's 480 pounds and he feels the execution gurney might not be able to hold him. He claims his weight, vein access, scar tissue, depression and other medical problems raises the likelihood his executioners would encounter severe problems.

His lawyers have already filed papers with the federal court last week. So far the prison department hasn't released a statement. There probably too busy laughing at this ridiculous excuse!    

It may sound silly but one death row inmate actually won his case!

In 1994 a Washington state judge took a 400 pound murderer off death row because the court agreed that hanging someone that heavy would constitute cruel and usual punishment because decapitation could occur. The inmate eventually died of liver disease in 2006.  He had murdered two bank tellers Twila Capron and Candace Hemmig at point-blank range in a 1981 robbery. He got away with $4,000.00.

However, in 2008, federal courts rejected arguments by a condemned double-killer whose attorneys tried to argue that the prison food and limited opportunities to exercise contributed to his weight problem that would make it difficult for the execution team to find a viable vein for lethal injection. He was 5-foot-7 and weighed 267 pounds. He was executed later that year. He was responsible for killing University of Akron students Wendy Offredo, age 21 and Dawn McCreery, age 20. Him and another loser beat, raped, tortured, and choked the women to death. They also carved X's into their abdomens.

I purposely didn’t use the names of the murders because they already get too much publicity. The more they kill the more famous they get. If these losers keep complaining about being obese why don’t we put them on a real strict starvation diet !!!!!!


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