Thursday, September 6, 2012


I’m not a big Bill Clinton fan but I must admit last night this guy had me sold!  He could sell ice to Eskimos!

His DNC speech gave Obama the boost that he has needed for quite some time.

He quoted Ronald Reagan and had some kind words to say about George Bush. Who else but Clinton can have thousands of Democrats clapping enthusiastically for both Reagan and Bush!  

He asked the crowd were they better now than they were four years ago. He answered the question for them. He said; No. Is the President satisfied? Of course not. But are we better off than we were when he took office?" A lot of other Democrats have been afraid to answer that question and Romney has been using that question as his key campaign message. 

Clinton is urging all of us to give Obama four more years to turn things around. He made the argument that no other president, including him could have fully repaired the economy in just four years.    

For the most part his speech didn’t focus on Republican bashing or a lot of corny jokes but focused more on the current issues and that won the crowd over.

Some reporters are even saying that Clinton’s speech saved the Obama presidency last night.

I don’t know about that but I do know that Obama does owe Clinton a BIG thank you!


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