Friday, August 17, 2012


Last month I went to a local store to buy a few items and the cashier said something a little strange. She asked me would I like to pay for a bag or carry my items out the store without one. I looked at the cashier like "what?"

It happened again later on that day. I went to a grocery store and I was asked one question. Am I buying a bag or do I have my own?

That's when it hit me!  In the area where I live as of July 1st all plastic bags were banned!!!!! What is a person to do!!!!!

 When I was a child the media told me brown paper bags were bad for the environment because too many trees were being cut down. That's when a change occurred. The grocery clerks would ask you would you like paper or plastic.  The next thing you know brown paper bags disappeared completely and plastic bags became the latest and greatest thing.

 So I guess it's now okay to chop down millions of trees?  And what makes it so bad is the fact that the brown paper bags are thin and they tear real easily!  I almost broke a carton of eggs in the parking lot! 
So now I have to bring all my stained canvas bags to the store or I have to buy some when I get there!

Last month I didn't feel like buying a bag just for one item so I walked out the store with a pack of maxi pads under my arm!  Thank God I didn't run into a cute guy! But the ironic thing is the fact that I use plastic bags for all my trash!

Do reusable bags really help the environment? Well, they do if  you reuse them over a hundred times to offset the higher carbon emissions of a plastic bags. But that's another article for another time.

It seems like society picks and chooses different causes to fight for. Who knows, in twenty years smokers may be allowed back into the "regular population" with the rest of us!  Ya just never know........


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