Wednesday, July 4, 2012



I had the day off on Monday (my daughter's birthday) so I did some channel surfing among other things. In between the court shows and the car insurance commercials were these bland swagger less daytime shows.
These are the shows where they tell you how you can go to Europe on a budget and how you can buy a designer wedding dress for fewer than five thousand dollars.
Who the heck has the vacation time and the money to go to Europe and who's getting married! I mean seriously!!!
The main themes on these kinds of shows are:
  1. Makeovers for women, 
  2. How women can lose weight,
  3.  How to find the right pair of designer jeans,
  4.  The right bathing suit,
  5.  The right makeup
  6.  The right purse
  7.  The right shoes
 Oh I forgot one more thing; how you can wear the same thing all the celebrities are wearing for half price. They usually do these segments after the Oscars.

Then there comes a time in the show where they get out their expensive cookware and try to teach you how to cook. They use all these fancy vegetables and spices and then they tell you all these things can be found at your local specialty store. I don't know what neighborhood you live n but I can imagine trying to find all this stuff in Boise Idaho or Detroit Michigan could be a challenge.

I won't even go into the segments where they bring out a corny actor or actress that you never even heard of and asked them all kinds of prescreened senseless questions.It’s all just one big train wreck!!!

What do I think about all this advice their giving? I’ll quote the Isley Brother’s;



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