Friday, December 2, 2011


“I want a nice wholesome woman to settle down with”. Isn’t this the line a guy has told a woman at least once in her lifetime? They say they like women who have great personalities and who are intelligent. Is that why Angelina Jolie is so famous, because of her high IQ?

Let’s be honest, most guys (not all) like a woman with a low IQ but a high bust line. The weird thing about our society is that an eighteen year old can spread her legs for a nude centerfold, make good money while doing it, while “Miss Plain Jane” is working at a local coffee shop trying to pay for that $150.00 book she needs for her college physics class. Hey, if you’re not a hot chick you have to pay your own way in this world !

“Miss centerfold” probably didn’t even graduate from high school. Does she really need to? If she can go to the right parties and meet the right people sooner or later she’s bound to run into an old rich millionaire who could care less about her educational level. He may marry her or he may keep her around for a few months, maybe a few years, buy her a couple of expensive gifts, take her on exotic trips, and then send her on her way.

Does Miss Centerfold care? Probably not. By then she will have already established herself in the jet set community. She’ll meet a new old guy to help her pay for her newly acquired expensive taste in clothes, food, wine, etc. If her money ever runs low she can always write a tell all book about all the famous men she has slept with.

In the meantime Plain Jane is sitting in her shabby studio apartment eating cold left over pizza trying to dissect Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Oprah Winfrey worked hard to become a self made billionaire but hot chicks don't have to do that. They marry billionaires! Carla Bruni became the first lady of France just by being pretty and sleeping with the right people. Well, we have to give her some credit. She was a model and she is a singer…..

So which type of woman do you think will end up winning in this crazy game called LIFE?


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