Saturday, December 24, 2011


People across the country are going crazy for the new Air Jordan’s that came out yesterday. Not even the Iphone can create this much frenzy! There have been news reports from all over the country of people getting arrested and fighting over the $180 pair of tennis shoes. If I didn't see it on television with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it!

People lined up in Washington, Georgia, New Jersey, Kentucky, New York, California, and Ohio ...the list goes on and on!!!!!

This particular shoe is suppose to be the retro version of the Air Jordan 11 which was originally released in 1996, when the Chicago Bulls dominated basketball. 

Police have been out in full force to control the crowd. One young guy has been waiting on the release of this shoe for a few years!!!!!! He said he managed to get a pair that were a little too big but he doesn't care, he's just happy he was able to get a pair! In the past people have actually been murdered for a pair of Jordan’s. All I can say is wow!!!!

The really odd thing is the fact that Michael Jordan really doesn't have to do a lot of promoting! His followers are already hyped up! He has to be the best marketing genius of all time!!! It's remarkable!!!! President Obama, Steve Jobs, nor Bill Gates can evoke this type of pandemonium!!!!!!

Even in this economy, with the unemployment rate going through the roof Jordan is still racking in the money and not even bothering to lower the price!!! That's just straight up gansta!!!!

I'm old enough to remember watching Jordan on the court and his skills were beyond belief!  To this day I have never seen a basketball player move the way he did.

But then again what's wrong with Kobe Bryant's tennis shoe or any other young popular athlete who has a shoe out. What is it about Michael Jordan?

I think it's because Jordan lived up to the name of his shoe. He truly was and always will be “AIR JORDAN"!!!

Happy shopping!

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