Saturday, December 10, 2011


 Unfortunately not everyone who wants plastic surgery can afford it. Some will cut corners in order to achieve the look that they are searching for.

 Supposedly”underground doctors" are becoming popular in certain sections of the gay and transgender community because their services are reasonably cheap and theirs the assumption that one of "their own" understands what they're going through and will be very compassionate concerning their situation. Unfortunately this isn't always the case.

Recently a transgender female was arrested in Florida for doing unlicensed plastic surgery and doing a botched job in the process. She allegedly injected patients with mineral oil, cement, and Fix-A-Flat which is normally used as a tire inflator and tire sealant.

Some of her patients have suffered irreversible damage to their bodies on the outside as well as the inside. For others it's going to take thousand of dollars of plastic surgery to repair the damage so they are going to be in a worse place than they were before the surgery. The transgender female has stated the allegations are totally false and ridiculous.

On the opposite side of the spectrum people are blaming the victims. They feel if you go to a hotel room or to someone's house to get plastic surgery that's' the risk you are taking. It's one thing to go over someone's house to get your hair done but would you go over someone's house to get breast implants? 
It's a point well taken but when your low on funds, you want results ASAP, or you feel your trapped in the wrong body what would you do?

 It's sad when a segment of a population is being taken advantage of and it doesn't get that much media attention.

Whatever route you decide, licensed or unlicensed just remember everyone's results are not going to be the same and make sure you are willing to assume all the risks involved.

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