Thursday, December 22, 2011



Here's the scenario; a dope dealer sells drugs in his own poverty stricken community. Parents get hooked; children get hooked; slowly the dysfunction spreads.

 The next thing you know the father has rotten teeth and the mother is turning tricks. Meanwhile their children have become small time dope dealers and they get their friends hooked.

The crime rate goes up as well as unemployment as businesses start to leave towards greener pastures. 
That's when "Mr. Big Time Dope Dealer" steps in like a knight in shiny armor!

He usually shows up 2-3 times a year bearing gifts such as school supplies, turkeys on thanksgiving and toys on Christmas. 

Some segments of the community praise him not really understanding their right in the middle of a bizarre, sick, cycle.

When the dope dealer is arrested the story has only just begun. If he has destroyed enough lives and made a lot of money then books are written about him as well as block buster movies. He becomes not only infamous but famous. In the meantime the community is left to pick up the pieces. 

Maybe one day our fascination with criminals will change. Until then I guess we'll all just grab some popcorn, sit in a nice cozy chair and enjoy the sick depressing show and see how it all plays out. I bet you can guess the ending.

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