Tuesday, December 13, 2011



 Picture this; a pretty heavy set woman walking down the street. Her hair and nails are done and her outfit is fierce! She has a body that Victoria Secret can't keep secret! She has on a pair of shades that only celebrities wear when they're trying to avoid the paparazzi. She's oozes confidence and when she walks by you she flashes a million dollar smile while leaving a trail of light perfume as a memory.

What this lady doesn't know is that as she passes by a couple of people giggle and some of them want to know why this “fat chick” even bothered to dress up!

Okay let's change some things. Picture the same woman walking down the street except now she has on a moo moo, no makeup, hair in a ponytail and she avoids all eye contract. As she walks past a couple of people wonder how come this”fat chick” won't try to look decent!

What in the hell is this woman suppose to do! I have actually heard people make fun of well dressed heavy set women as if they are dressing up for no reason because no men are looking at them anyway. Then when a heavyset woman has given up on trying to look good she gets teased as well!

It’s very rare a slim woman gets picked on if she's dressed down. Especially when it comes to celebrities. The media will make fun of her outfit but not her body, no matter how flat her butt is!

So when it comes to heavyset women it's damned it you do, damned if you don’t! Our society makes no sense. !

 So to all you ladies out there I suggest you keep doing what you’re doing regardless of what losers say. Hold your head high as you walk down the street, hips swaying along with the breeze. Find your own alter ego. Find you’re own "Sasha Fierce" and wear it proud!!!!

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