Sunday, December 4, 2011


Wow, have things changed! We women (not all) usually have a laundry list of requirements for men to follow before we even meet them. Certain height, weight, educational level, and of course the yearly salary.

But now things have changed. With the divorce rate so high a lot of men are back on the dating scene. A large number of them are forty and over. The tables have turned and they want to know from women what are you bringing to the table?

Men want to know what college did you graduate from? How's your credit? How much money to you make? Does your ex-husband provide financially for his children?  Men, just like women are looking for an asset, not a liability. They are not looking to go backwards.

Some women get offended by these questions but it works both ways. If a woman's credit sucks is the man obligated to take his money and help her out? If a man lives in a nice house with expensive furniture should a woman just bring her suitcase and say "home sweet home”?!

You know what, forget about an expensive house. What about the blue collar man that has a nice little pension waiting on him after retirement? I'm pretty sure he would like to find a woman that also has a pension or a nice little nest egg. Isn't that fair?

Let's be honest, a lot of women are walking around with thousand dollar purses but don't have the job status or the bank account to match! I'm sorry but it's so true! Then they want a man, who makes average money to buy them an above average ring!

So ladies the next time you go out on a date with your laundry list of requirements don't be surprised if the man also has a list of his own!


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